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March 22, 2016 By Colleen Regan

Why You’re Most Productive in the Spring!

March 22, 2016

By Colleen Regan

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March 22, 2016

Why You’re Most Productive in the Spring!

By Colleen Regan
Product Marketing Manager

It’s the end of March, which means many of us are quoting the great Taylor Swift and asking, “are we out of the woods, yet?”  This time of year seems to bring a sense of renewed motivation and productivity to many of us – which isn’t a coincidence! There’s a lot happening this time of year that is making you happier, more motivated, and more productive.

Your Fantasy Baseball League is Like a Happy Drug.  With baseball season a few weeks away, millions of baseball fans have begun their over-analysis of players and trash-talking in their fantasy leagues. Studies show that these millions of people are also getting some mood-boosting benefits, from the camaraderie and competition.

Spring Cleaning is Decluttering Your Mind. Many of us embrace spring cleaning every year, at home and at work. Turns out, a clean and decluttered workspace can be the key to getting more done. Entrepreneur Magazine compares a desk full of clutter to “having a screaming toddler standing next to you while trying to get work done.” Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Sunny Days are Improving Your Health. As the days start getting longer and the spring sunshine starts becoming more frequent, your health is actually improving! Natural light has proven to have a huge impact on your sleep, activity, and quality of life.

Spring Sports are Keeping You Balanced. As the temp goes up, many of us are dusting off our running shoes or kicking off our yearly softball league. The long-proven positive impacts of exercise on the workplace include better collaboration, and lower stress levels. But more specifically, the team sports you’re signing for this time of year can have a positive impact on your communication and leadership skills in the office. Yay, Sports!!

So get excited that spring has officially sprung and use it to your advantage to be more productive in life, work and play. Check out how can help with that productivity here!






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