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September 20, 2016 By Alix Hagan

Want to Be a Digital Nomad? Follow These Three Easy Steps

September 20, 2016

By Alix Hagan

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September 20, 2016

Want to Be a Digital Nomad? Follow These Three Easy Steps

By Alix Hagan
Senior Manager, Product Marketing

We’ve already told you how much we hate the coworker that is always using business jargon, but there is one term that keeps popping up again and again that we actually find pretty interesting – The Digital Nomad.

Digital nomad has been a prominent buzzword for the past year or so and refers to one who uses technology like cell phones, laptops, wifi, and other apps and devices, to earn a living all while moving around and conducting their life in a nomadic manner.

Sounds like a pretty great existence right? You can travel, see the world and interact with many different cultures, all while getting work done!!

What you may not know is how easy it is to become one (or at least partially one). Here are three simple tips and tricks for how to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle – even if for just a day!

  1. Step out of the box: Try stepping out of your comfort zone and skip the commute and instead work from home, a coffee shop or from the road. And hey, you won’t be bothered by these workplace distractions!
  2. Go with the flow: While it’s tempting to plan every next step in life, sometimes it’s better to just go with the flow and let things fall into place on their own. Nomads pretty much have this down to a science. They go where the work takes them. Maybe you’re not ready to globe trot just yet, so start by taking a walk around your neighborhood to see what inspires you. Connect with an old friend or colleague and see where the conversation takes you. Or take a vacation day and explore a new place without an agenda.
  3. Think ahead: Where do you see yourself in two, five, or 10 years? Do you see a change in career? Do you want to travel? Work remotely? Do some soul-searching and find answers to these types of questions so you have an idea of what path you’d like to take.

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