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April 15, 2019 By Jen Mathews

Using Online Meetings to Get Closer to Your Customers

April 15, 2019

By Jen Mathews

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April 15, 2019

Using Online Meetings to Get Closer to Your Customers

By Jen Mathews
Senior Public Relations Manager

So your company offers a fantastic product or service. Great, but the work doesn’t end there. Establishing a relationship with your customers and understanding their goals and needs is what sets a great company apart from a good or average one. Success entails engaging with customers to provide the best service possible. This may be simpler when you can see clients in person, but there can be very real challenges when you need to communicate virtually.

However, online meeting platforms present new opportunities to make a real connection with your customers. Here are some ways to leverage this platform to strengthen the relationship you have with customers:

Conduct a town hall meeting.

Throughout history, local governments have used town hall meetings to gather feedback and input from the community on issues and concerns in their area. As an informal, public meeting, it offers a relaxed and open way for both community members and city officials to get to know each other better and collaborate on shared goals.

Likewise, you can use the town hall format of an online meeting platform to field questions from online participants and ask them about their concerns. They can hear directly from you about the company and what you offer.

This approach may be ideal for addressing any controversy or crisis tied to your company. Rather than speculating or receiving false information, your customers receive accurate news about the situation directly from you.

Create an online focus group.

Focus group are used by brands to discover what sample groups of customers think about a new product or service. By interviewing in a group setting, customers listen, collaborate, and share their opinions, providing valuable insights for the brand.

Video conferencing platforms like join.me let you use the same focus group format in an online setting. Since customers may not have the time to come to a physical location, you may be able to garner greater participation from participants who use their mobile devices or laptops to share their opinions.

Train or certify customers on how to use your technology.

If you run a tech-focused company, an online meeting that trains or certifies your customers can be an ideal (and cost-effective) way to provide this education. This type of training can reach many more customers than a physical training or certification course. They can appreciate the convenience of taking the course in the comfort of their own office or home, which may make them feel more engaged and involved.

Also, the online meeting format may provide a clearer way to see any visuals or screen presentations you want to include instead of struggling with limitations in a classroom setting where a customer might not see everything you are doing.

Optimize the online meeting experience.

No matter what online meeting approach you use, test the meeting format before you bring customers onboard, including ensuring that all technical aspects, like sound and visuals, work correctly.

Furthermore, make it as easy as possible for customers to participate in online meetings by sending step-by-step instructions on where to go, how to join, and how to speak during the meeting.

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