April 24, 2015 By Colleen Regan – Collaboration, Innovation, and Engagement

April 24, 2015

By Colleen Regan

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April 24, 2015 – Collaboration, Innovation, and Engagement

By Colleen Regan
Senior Product Marketing Manager


CIO_updateme_200x2006 IT leaders share tips to drive collaboration
Collaboration tools are destined to fail when IT leaders look to solve problems that don’t exist. Here’s how CIOs and IT managers ensure their collaborative platform efforts aren’t futile. This article discusses three ways CIOs can ensure success.

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3.24.fortuneMeeting Expectations of the Collaborative, Mobile Workforce
Demand for ad hoc meetings is being driven by the rise of Generation Y in the workplace. As a growing part of many organisations, they’ve come to expect constant communication and instant connectivity, so waiting around for a meeting is avoided at all costs. Instead they prefer on-the-spot collaboration as a means to save time and money, and be more efficient.

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3.24.cioinsightsWith cloud video conferencing, the sky’s the limit
Research tells us this: Video conferencing is really moving to the cloud. According to the Nemertes Research 2014-15 Enterprise Technology Benchmark, which gathered data from approximately 180 companies, nearly 30% of companies have already implemented cloud-based video conferencing services and another 2% plan to do so in 2015. This article explores the factors driving video conferencing adoption.

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