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January 27, 2017 By Scott Simone

Top Hacks for Staying Productive During Ski Season

January 27, 2017

By Scott Simone

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January 27, 2017

Top Hacks for Staying Productive During Ski Season

By Scott Simone

You powder shredder, you! You’re planning—or already booked—a number of cold weather getaways to the slopes. That’s good. And no, we don’t mean that in a tongue-in-cheek, you’re a slacker sort of way. It’s actually good for work productivity to take some time away from the office.

The smart folks over at the Harvard Business Review found that workers in countries with more paid vacation days were more likely to work faster and focus more! Workers who vacationed more often had a “strong desire to get a lot done..[and] simply spending less time at your desk forces you to waste less time.”

But taking more ski trips doesn’t magically make you a better worker. It’s all about what you do prior to and after heading down that mountain. So to ensure you’re being the most productive version of yourself, without missing out on that gnarly pow, here are a few hacks to make the most of ski season.

1. Plan Ahead: So, you’re heading to the mountains next weekend, cutting your work week short by a day or two. You have a few deadlines this week, not to mention a handful of important calls scheduled for next week. So, map out your week accordingly. Plan to spend an extra hour or two more working each day ahead of your trip. Spend the bulk of your time finishing up all the tasks for the week before your trip, and use that extra hour or two to get a head start on the following week’s tasks. This will allow you to shred some gnar with a clear mind, and insure you in case of any travel delays (or that “I’m back to work?” post-travel grogginess).

And, this should go without saying, communicate to your co-workers and clients that you’ll be away, setting expectations of when you may reply to emails (either early in the morning, or late evenings). then, set up an out-of-office reply, reiterating these expectations.

2. Work on the Go: Sometimes you’ve got so much going on that you can’t fully disconnect while traveling. And we know that working from the airport or on the plane can be a real pain. But if you plan accordingly, it doesn’t have to be. You know you’re heading to the airport, so beforehand, do some recon on sites like Foursquare to find prime places to work. You’ll get details on everything from the best WiFi connections, to power outlets, to quiet spots. Flight time can also be productive time, good for creative thinking. Bring a notebook and pen to jot down notes while you brainstorm for next week’s meetings, or to simply write a to-do list for once you’re back at work.

3. Yes, We’re Going to Talk About Apps: Flying down a mountain at top speeds isn’t exactly the prime time to be checking and replying to emails. Luckily, you guessed it, there’s an app for that! Download either Mailstrom or SaneBox for all your on-the-go email needs. Both allow you to “snooze” emails, preventing them from showing up in your inbox and allowing you to actually enjoy your time on the slopes. More importantly, both use algorithms to filter your emails based on importance, so once your do check those pesky emails, you won’t have to keep scrolling and scrolling, potentially skipping over important notes from your team.

4. Spend Smarter: Okay, this may not be a work productivity hack, but a life one. Ski trips cost money, but if you’re smart about booking, you can save yourself some prime dollars. By booking both your flights and rooms early—say, a couple months out—you’ll be able to take advantage of early-bird discounts at most lodges. Purchasing lift ticket ahead of time can (you know, before you’re on the mountain) can save you up to 10%—and using Liftopia (which has more than 200,000 tickets and passes available) will also help you scrounge up the cheapest deals on lift tickets.

Using these hacks, you’ll be able to shred some serious powder this winter—without dropping the ball in your work life.


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