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December 20, 2016 By Alix Hagan

Tips for (Screen) Sharing the Holiday Cheer

December 20, 2016

By Alix Hagan

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December 20, 2016

Tips for (Screen) Sharing the Holiday Cheer

By Alix Hagan
Director of Product Marketing,

“The holidays are a blissful, easy time, when work is light and the snow falls make getting to work a breeze.” — Said no one, ever.

The holidays are… tough. ‘Tis the season of tight deadlines, tuckered out coworkers and clients who would rather be tucked under a blanket, watching Love Actually.

Luckily, there’s a foolproof way to get through the season: Sharing while apart. Rather: Screen sharing, in separate locations — together.

It’s the ultimate seasonal hack: screen sharing helps us save precious time, collaborate even when we are Poles apart and maintain the critical work/pajama balance that holds we all need. And just when you need help mastering the art of screen sharing, we’re serving up a list of seasonal pro tips, hot out of the oven. Like cookies (yum). Let them warm you, and melt away your wintertime worries like so many drifts of snow:

  • ‘Tis the season for improving, and hence, relaxing. It helps to position yourself and your laptop in front of a yule log or yule log TV screen saver. For one, this will clearly indicate your level of comfort and warmth to colleagues (which, presumably, is high). Second, it’s fun. And third, a bit of levity is the key to taking stress down a notch and holding more relaxed, productive meetings.
  • This time o’ year, computer screens are littered with online shopping carts and lists of the naughty and nice — know that you can share just one window at a time, if you wish. There are details that associates need to see, and the information that Colleen in marketing will be gifted a spa coupon, while Todd in recruiting will receive nothing, is not among them.
  • We have all seen the dazzling holiday light shows that committed homeowners take great pains to produce. Your screen sharing session should in no way resemble them. During a conference, turn off desktop notifications and close any unnecessary windows that might break the attention of viewers. Focus is fickle this time of year.
  • You’re sharing your end-of-year business plan with colleagues (let’s say) — invoke the team play and have them mark it up and make suggestions. With handy annotation tools (and perhaps some prodding), colleagues can comment, draw, highlight, or even laser point to their merry hearts’ content. Like what you see? Take a Snapshot by pressing the camera button.
  • If you’re caring, you’re sharing. Find a friend, teammate or holiday foe and share your screens in order to practice important year-end pitches, presentations and the like — simply schedule a meeting and pass the presenter role back and forth by clicking the right-hand menu button.
  • When not a creature is stirring (while sharing screens), look for the the mouse; when using Remote Control, you’ll find it in its usual place — on your screen — but under the control of another meeting member. It’s a dynamite way to walk a prospect through an important program or pass the reins during a big group presentation.

For many, the holidays are as much about decking the halls as hitting the deck — we understand. But we’re beginning to love the holidays, actually. They may be an uphill, soggy, freezing-cold slog, but with better tools, like, you can stay home, and still show work who’s boss.


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