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December 6, 2017 By Amanda Timmons

Tips to Get Remote Work Done During the Holidays (Without Infuriating Your Family)

December 6, 2017

By Amanda Timmons

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December 6, 2017

Tips to Get Remote Work Done During the Holidays (Without Infuriating Your Family)

By Amanda Timmons
Product Marketing Manager

Yep, it’s December and the 2017 holiday season is in full swing. Right now, professionals everywhere are doing double-takes at their desks — looking at their calendars and wondering: Where did the year go?

You’re probably also asking yourself a far more urgent question: How am I supposed to finish these work projects with all of my holiday obligations and commitments? (And we’re paraphrasing here. Your actual question probably has some profanity in it…)

You’ve got shopping to do. A home to decorate. Friends and family dinners on the calendar. Kids home from school demanding your attention. Maybe even an out-of-town trip to visit relatives…. So it’s a fair question: How are you supposed to do it all?

First things first. Relax. There are proven hacks for this and we’re here to help with a couple tips and tricks!

1. Check in to a hotel lobby

Visiting out-of-town family for the holidays and staying at a hotel? Great! But you’re going to have squeeze in a few work projects while you’re off. (Boo! Hiss!)

Don’t worry. One great hack to create the disruption-free time, space and privacy you’ll need to tackle a project when you’re out of town is to create a makeshift workstation in the lobby of your hotel.

These are great places to work because they have comfortable seating, they’re relatively quiet, and nobody will bother you while you work. Sometimes there’s even free coffee!

2. Set up shop in a public library

A local public library works just as well as a hotel lobby for some of the same reasons — there’s plenty of peace, quiet and cozy nooks to get work done.

In fact, a public library will be even quieter than a typical hotel lobby, so if you need silence to get your work done, this might be an even better option. As an added bonus, most public libraries today offer free WiFi. Just make sure if you need to take a conference call you step out of the quiet section!

3. Find a nearby park or neighborhood greenbelt

If you are lucky enough to live in or visit a warm climate then get out of your family’s way, by getting outside. The fresh air may be just what you need to inspire a work project that needs your undivided attention.

Of course, public parks usually don’t have WiFi, so you’ll want to save this option for work you can do offline — drafting emails, adding speaker notes to the slides you’ve put together for that upcoming webinar you’re hosting, etc.

4. Work off-hours at home (if your kids are home for school break)

Most working parents have been there, it’s the holidays and you really want to take time off of work to be present for those kids who are home for school break.

Do your best to arrange schedules so you can work off-hours — evenings, a few hours on the weekend, or very early morning. This will free up time to spend some quality hours with your family during the day.

5. Set up a reciprocal-babysitting arrangement with friends

Here’s another hack that works well if you’ve got kids home for school vacation. You host a playdate at your home for your kid and a friend, and then the friend’s parents host one at their home. And when your kid is on that playdate, you’ll have the uninterrupted time, silence and space to tackle your work projects.

And hey, if you can create this arrangement with more than one friend, you’ll have even more time for work — because when you host a playdate for your kid and two friends, you’ll earn credits for two free days to yourself.

Bottom line: No matter what you’ve committed to this holiday season, or where the season will take you, there are always creative ways to squeeze in those must-do work projects — without disturbing your vacation or upsetting your family. You’ve got this!

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Have a happy and productive holiday!