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September 22, 2017 By Jen Mathews

Think like a millennial to drive collaboration

September 22, 2017

By Jen Mathews

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September 22, 2017

Think like a millennial to drive collaboration

By Jen Mathews
Senior Public Relations Manager

It’s estimated that by 2020, there will be 86 million millennials in the working world, making up 40% of the workplace. From active social media lives to being constantly connected to the people and world around them on cell phones, one thing we know millennials love to do is collaborate. Business owners will do well to pay attention to this trend; While millennials may be taking over the workforce, the benefits of collaboration extend beyond this age group and are widely applicable, whatever size your business may be.

Small companies that embrace collaboration will see great improvements in productivity, and will have more success with projects too. So how can you switch things up and give your team a fresh new way to collaborate effectively?

Embrace video conferencing

Work is no longer restricted to a single physical environment. Both employees and contractors can easily operate from their bed, from their desks, or anywhere in between. Millions of people now work remotely across the globe and those numbers are growing. By 2022, 60% of employees are projected to work remotely in some form and this means that collaborative measures need to stretch out beyond the physical office. Forget the colored pens, whiteboards, mind maps and post-it notes — video conferencing is a 21st-century small business entrepreneur’s best friend.

Using video conferencing software like, transient workers can connect from their individual devices, wherever they may be at the time. The video format might even encourage more introverted members of a team to contribute and collaborate where they otherwise wouldn’t. Without the pressure of speaking up in a room full of people, they may have the confidence to add their perspectives and ideas to discussions more openly and with more confidence.

Share your screen with your team

Some say that screens isolate people, but they can have the opposite effect too. When trying to encourage team collaboration, being able to screen share is extremely valuable for facilitating discussions and solving problems — sometimes even more so than an in-person conversation would be — because we’re all so used to working with and referring to devices these days.’s annotation, remote control and pass presenter features can mimic the same brainstorming and collaboration that you’d get from passing a dry erase marker around a white-board, but it’s more productive because everyone can clearly see the screen and take away the same notes or other digital materials from the meeting. Using a technology solution also means even remote workers and contractors can get involved too, which means more team wellbeing and unity.

Next time you have a collaborative meeting on the calendar, reconsider reserving the boardroom and instead look to where technology can help you. Embrace the new norms of the future of work and try out different tactics to get everyone working together, wherever they’re located!

Shake up your collaboration methods to make them more inclusive, unlock even more ideas and make working together more convenient and fun for your teams.