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July 30, 2019 By Casmin Wisner

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Online Meetings

July 30, 2019

By Casmin Wisner

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July 30, 2019

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Online Meetings

By Casmin Wisner
Public Relations Specialist

Plan Ahead

Do: Send out the invite and agenda well in advance. People get busy and their calendars fill up quickly. Sharing the agenda up front allows the attendees to come to the meeting with questions and/or discussion points.

Don’t: Never assume that people read the whole calendar invite… If there is pre-work or action that needs to happen ahead of the meeting, make sure you remind attendees so that you can make the time in the meeting the most productive possible.

WiFi Woes

Do: Technology allows you to work from pretty much anywhere, but make sure you have a good internet connection before starting the meeting. Sometimes the WIFi signal isn’t always as strong as the coffee from your favorite café…

Don’t: Never go in to super important calls from locations with iffy or unknown WiFi service without a backup. A hotspot or a second nearby location with a better internet connect can you save in a pinch.

Tech Check

Do: Be aware of the equipment’s default settings and how to use it.

Do: Make sure to test laptops (video and audio) and have the appropriate cables (ethernet, HDMI, VGA, etc.) on hand.

Dress to Impress

Do: Be yourself. Have fun and be human. Maintain the same dress code as our in office counterparts even when you are working from home.

Don’t: We’ve all take a call from home with sweatpants on. That’s fine, unless you stand up and exposure those PJs to your boss…

Turn That Camera On

Do: Make sure to make eye contact. Pay attention and show respect to the speaker and attendees.

Don’t: Do not forget when the video feed is live. Saying something inappropriate or unprofessional could result in a very embarrassing situation.

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