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June 30, 2017 By Colleen Regan

Why Your Team’s Communication Tools Need to Communicate With One Another

June 30, 2017

By Colleen Regan

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June 30, 2017

Why Your Team’s Communication Tools Need to Communicate With One Another

By Colleen Regan
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Last month we released a survey of 1,000 knowledge workers we conduced with our friends at Trello and HipChat about their work in teams. The majority of people we surveyed reported that they liked working in teams. But what happens when the tools used for all that teamwork

don’t actually work well together – when there’s friction between the tools of communication, themselves?

We asked about the common pain points of working in teams, and our survey respondents ranked the following issues as the top pain points they’d like to improve:

  1. Communicating with each other more often (22 percent)
  2. Having more efficient meetings (20 percent)
  3. Keeping individual task assignments organized (19.8 percent)
  4. Tracking task completions and hand-offs more efficiently (19 percent)

This makes clear how, where, and when teams get thrown off-course. Poor communication, inefficient meetings, task disorganization, and fumbled handoffs can slow people down and drag productivity down with them.

The Impact on the Bottom Line

Poor team communication can cost companies some serious dollars. Harvard Business Review asked 83 executives to put a price tag on common people-related office issues. Business executives collectively said they’re losing about $8,200 per day wasting time in unproductive meetings. They pay consultants $7,800 per day for ideas the organization already knows but aren’t communicating. Additionally silos that cause teams to miss valuable insights from people in other areas are racking up a bill of $7,400 a day. That’s a lot of dough wasted for issues related to bad communication and collaboration!

Simple Integrations Solve Miscommunications

There are some simple ways to solve these most common communication issues, and save your company some valuable dollars. It all boils down to the tools your using, and how well they work together. Too often, the tools that teams use to communicate and collaborate don’t actually communicate with one another. And people can’t work well together if they’re relying on technology that doesn’t.

Look to integrate your communication tools to solve these four common troubles your team is facing. If you’re facing a lack of communication, quit relying just on e-mail! Use messenger apps like Slack or HipChat for quick communication, then start an online meeting as more in depth discussions arise. If you need to keep meetings running smoothly and more efficiently, use’s scheduling plug-ins to make sure everyone’s accounted for and to kick meetings off on time, every time. Then keep meeting meeting notes and assign tasks directly in Trello – look, there we solved problem #3! If you’re running into problems with project handoffs, you can start a meeting with the team right out of a Trello board, to address a workflow issue right then and there.

Leveraging tools that play nicely together, like and our integration partners can offer some quick fixes to the most common meeting issues out there. This means teams spend less time fighting through the friction that often exists when communicating on multiple platforms, and more time showing work who’s boss!