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April 14, 2017 By Scott Simone

The Super Productivity Playlist

April 14, 2017

By Scott Simone

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April 14, 2017

The Super Productivity Playlist

By Scott Simone

If the only sound filling your workspace is the clacking of your keyboard—or the mutterings of your fellow coffee shop dwellers—you’re working wrong.

“Well, then tell me how to work correctly!” you implore. Don’t worry, the fix is simple: just plug in some headphones and tune in to some music. Seriously, it’s that simple. But don’t just take it from us. The experts over at MindLab International found that listening to music boosts productivity, finding that 81 percent of participants worked fastest and 88 percent were more accurate in their work when listening to music.

Depending on what type of task you’re performing, though, you should be listening to different types of music. So here is your super productivity playlist to keep you churning along, not matter what your workday throws at you.

When You Need to Be Creative

Brainstorming a new sales pitch, or writing up a few company blog posts? Well, according to a slew of studies, ambient music (sans lyrics) helps to spark your creative side. So turn up songs like these to get that creative current running:

Tycho—A Walk

The soft melody of electronic synthesizers that hum along will ease your mind into the perfect creative spot.

Explosions in the Sky—Your Hand in Mine

The beautifully simple rhythm will put any mind at ease, allowing creativity to flow.

When You Need to Work Quickly

Filtering through morning emails or entering data into spreadsheets can be mundane and mind-numbing. But according to MindLab’s aforementioned study, pop music can help you work faster. For these times, tune in to these jams:

Kanye West—Stronger

Yes, this is a bit cliché, but for good reason. Any song that starts off with “Work it, make it, do it” has to appear on a workday playlist.

Hall and Oates—You Make My Dreams Come True

This is the epitome of a pop song—catchy, upbeat, and will put a smile on anything with a pulse.

When You Need to Focus

Whether you’re proofing your work, opt for the beats of dance music. Participants in the MindLab study had a higher rate of spell-checking accuracy when they were listening to these types of tunes:

Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson—Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)

This dance-inducing remix to a classic will have you bopping along to cleaner work.

Magic Man—Waves

This synthy track will remind you of an ’80s dance party, while also helping you remember how to correctly spell.

When You’re Number-Crunching

While analyzing data or crunching budgets, a little classical music will help improve your spacial and reasoning skills. Get a step closer the being a mathematician with these tracks:

Beethoven—5th Symphony and Mozart—Requiem

These classics are self explanatory. Just listen.

Andrew Bird—Pulaski at Night

Okay, this isn’t exactly classic classical music. But its classical symphonic undertones will be sure to give you the same effect.