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February 13, 2017 By John Boitnott

Six Things You Can Do to Avoid a Client Breakup

February 13, 2017

By John Boitnott

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February 13, 2017

Six Things You Can Do to Avoid a Client Breakup

By John Boitnott

Couples are constantly bombarded with tips on how to have a great relationship. It’s often true that by following some simple rules, they can build a strong, lasting partnership. The same goes for their interactions with friends and relatives.

However, one important relationship that many people struggle to nurture is the one they have with their customers. If you’re running a business, each client is likely a valuable asset, with your company deeply invested in continuing that working relationship. Here are a few romantic relationship-inspired tips to help you ensure your clients stay on board.

Be Faithful

Reliability is important in all of your relationships, whether it’s your family or your business associates. If you’ve promised a customer you’ll deliver something by a certain date, follow through on that. Take careful measures to avoid conflicts of interest, including declining to support your client’s primary competitors.

Never Leave a Meeting Angry

Couples are advised never to go to bed angry for a reason. In sleep, research has shown that the brain reorganizes the way negative memories are stored. For this reason, you should avoid letting a work disagreement fester overnight.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

It can feel tempting in business to sugarcoat things to avoid upsetting your customers. Unfortunately, the truth usually comes out at some point, and then you may be seen as dishonest. Lying leads you to lose respect and credibility, which can hurt your future interactions.

Compromise Is Key

Business leaders can often find themselves in a sticky situation. Do they push back and risk losing a client or give in, which sends the message that the customer is in control? Somewhere between those two extremes is compromise. When executed correctly, compromise can ensure you and your clients come out of any discussion with a stronger relationship.

Resolve Complaints Quickly

Even the most conscientious company will occasionally find itself on the receiving end of a customer complaint. Everyone on your staff should be trained to handle any issues diplomatically. When a client is unhappy, it doesn’t have to mean you lose that person’s business. Instead, your willingness to go above and beyond could generate loyalty.

It’s in the Little Things

Romantic relationships are often strengthened by the small things participants do each day. You can apply those same concepts to your client relationships, personalizing each interaction and making yourself available whenever there are questions. Take time at least once a year to offer a sincere thank you to all of your regular customers, whether this is through the form of a heartfelt email, a VIP reception, or an end-of-year gift.

Customer relations can make or break a growing business. It’s important to look at each client as a valued part of your business and take active measures to ensure they get the service they expect.


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