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December 19, 2019 By Casmin Wisner

Remote Working Tips to Make Your Holiday Easier and More Enjoyable

December 19, 2019

By Casmin Wisner

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December 19, 2019

Remote Working Tips to Make Your Holiday Easier and More Enjoyable

By Casmin Wisner
Public Relations Specialist

The holidays are for relaxing, right? Spending time with family, making gingerbread cookies, and roasting marshmallows by the fire.  

Who are we kidding? 

The holidays can be chaotic! Sometimes thefeel more like family members biting off the heads of each other instead of gingerbread cookies, siblings roasting each other rather than marshmallows, and occasionally trying to frantically put out work fires remotely instead of snuggling up next to the fire. 

If this sounds familiar, we get it. We’ve been there. And while we can’t stop Grandma Pearl from squeezing everyone’s cheeks and judging everyone for their political views and ripped jeans, we can help make your remote work life a little less hectic and potentially bring your family a little closer this holiday.  

Here are a few tips from join.me to help you enjoy your holiday: 

Get out of the House for a Few Hours 

Let’s face it, sometimes locking yourself in a room and telling everyone that you can’t be bothered for a few hours isn’t going to cut it. Especially with yelling kids, Christmas music playing, and the inevitable knock on the door asking if you can help with something “real quick!”  

Run to your local coffee shop or anywhere with free Wi-Fi where you’ll be able to work unbothered for several hours. Or if you find the perfect location with great ambiance that’s stuck in the 20th century, or where the Wi-Fi is spotty, plan to use your cell phone’s hotspot if you have the capability. Knocking out work this way will make you feel much more productive, and will allow you to hone in on family more when you’re with them.  


If you’re feeling like your drowning over the holiday, it’s okay to reach out to your team. Before the holiday starts and everyone starts going out of town, create an Out of Office (OOO) calendar and have everyone add which days they’re available to help and which days they’re unreachable or won’t have bandwidth 

Sometimes it’s the small, simple tasks that take up most of your time, and would be easy to ask someone to work on for a few hours.  

Create a Meeting Outline 

If certain meetings are unavoidable, take advantage of join.me. Regardless of where in the country or the world your team or customers may be, they can hop on a video meeting.  

But be prepared! Make sure to send an invite with a clear outline so attendees know what will be discussed, and that their time is being valued. A little chit chat for the first minute or two of the meeting is okay, but get to the point and be efficient.  

Last but not least, have some fun!  

Invite Friends and Family to Use join.me 

If not all your family are able to physically get together for the holiday season, invite them to a join.me meeting! You may even want to announce that you have a surprise for everyone before pulling up Uncle Melvin or cousin Carl.  

As an added bonus, you can even screen share photos and videos that you’ve uploaded to your computer with them to fill them in on what’s been happening.  

Whatever your plans may be this holiday, we wish you a safe, productive and happy season from all your friends at join.me. 

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