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February 21, 2018 By Jen Mathews

Must Have Productivity Apps For 2018

February 21, 2018

By Jen Mathews

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February 21, 2018

Must Have Productivity Apps For 2018

By Jen Mathews
Senior Public Relations Manager

When you’re flying solo with your own business, you have to do the jobs of many people, and do them well. You probably need to manage money, engage in marketing and landing clients, come up with creative ideas, work on multiple projects at once, stay motivated, and solve technical problems—a long list of things that are, for more traditional workers, not usually part of the same job. It’s no surprise that standard productivity apps don’t always work.

These productivity apps are the best tools for staying focused and motivated and help to assist you in achieving more in less time.

Integrate Your Apps with IFTTT

IFTTT means “if this, then that,” and it just represents a way to tie all of your devices and apps together without knowing how to code. Set your IFTTT commands and make things happen; for example: “If someone tags me on Facebook, send me a text,” or “If there is a meeting on my calendar for tomorrow, send me the details one hour before.”

Centralize with Evernote

Evernote lets you sync to-do lists, notes, and reminders across desktop and mobile devices so they’re always accessible. The IFTTT integration this app uses lets you keep everything in this one place, from your important documents like receipts and travel itineraries. Pull it all out of Gmail, or wherever you’re keeping it, and centralize it in Evernote.

Project Manage Yourself with Asana or Trello

Asana is like a supercharged digital to-do list, and Trello is the kanban board version of the same concept. If you’re more of a list achiever, Asana is your app. If you are less list-y and more visual, swap Asana for Trello.

Track Your Time with Harvest

Harvest provides you with online time tracking, letting you track the hours you spend on various projects, even when that time overlaps, or when you have different tasks and rates for various clients. It also allows you to compare actual time spent with the return from that work. You can integrate it with PayPal, and set automated past due reminders for your clients.

Let Shake Be Your In-house Counsel

Shake simplifies legal transactions by creating legally binding agreements like contracts, leases, loans, and non-disclosure agreements in seconds. Just create with its forms and send for e signatures.

Cut the Podcast Fat with Overcast

With Overcast‘s Smart Speed feature, you can eliminate silences and pauses in your favorite podcasts, so you can listen to more in less time.

Let RescueTime Be Your Efficiency Expert

RescueTime affords you with incredible insight into your real daily habits—the facts, not the aspirational goals—by tracking your time spent on apps, websites, and breaks taken during work hours. Of course you can read the reports it generates, but it also quantifies those results so you can set specific productivity goals with metrics. It will also block distracting apps and sites for you.

Boomerang and Your PA

Boomerang schedules emails to be sent later, to match the time zones of clients, for example. You can also set follow up messages to be sent at the proper time. It even lets you know how likely an email is, as you’ve written it, to get a response, and gives you tips for making it better. works with your calendars in Gmail, Google, and Outlook to help you schedule meetings without double booking or creating conflicts.

Socialert: Your Social Media Manager

Socialert can track keywords, hashtags, mentions, and competitor users on Twitter. This way you know what’s going viral in your niche, see how well your competitors are doing and how much engagement they’re getting (and how to beat them at that game), gain insight into who shares your content, and get up to the minute details about hashtags in your niche.


For even more time saving apps, check out our list of integrations to see what other