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November 8, 2016 By Chris Conforti

Make Meetings Great Again!

November 8, 2016

By Chris Conforti

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November 8, 2016

Make Meetings Great Again!

By Chris Conforti
Customer Success Manager

Dear Future President,

This evening we find out the results of our nation’s democratic process. Months of campaigning, speeches and polarizing debates are in the rearview mirror as we welcome the next leader of the United States. What does the future hold? What changes will be made? I cannot speak to the validity of claims and promises made by our presidential candidates (I’ll defer to political commentators and professionals for perspective on that…), I am however qualified to discuss how our next president could use to make his or her time in the oval office as productive as possible.

Make Meeting with World Leaders Easier Than Ever: Can’t fly to the other side of the world? With PRO or BUSINESS we’ve got unlimited international conference calling with local numbers for over 50 different countries and VoIP connectivity from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Don’t worry about the national deficit, as your subscription includes unlimited conference calling. Easy connectivity for foreign diplomats means smooth relations with other nations!

Get in Some Face Time: Video meetings can make any interaction Presidential, especially when trying to enforce trade agreements or negotiate major deals. Whether in the Presidential Cadillac or in Air Force One, you can connect with video at any time to make sure you can meet face to face with diplomats and Cabinet members. We also offer video for IOS, with Android video on the way soon! I can see a brighter tomorrow, and video connectivity for all!

Leave Lasting “Big League” Impressions: Whether your time in the office is four years or two terms, make that time yours and leave lasting impressions with your constituents. Personalization options ranging from a custom URL link, a background with the Presidential seal, to organizer keypad commands to take next level control of your meetings. Every meeting is uniquely yours!


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