September 15, 2016 By Jake Johnson + Slack = Collaboration Magic!

September 15, 2016

By Jake Johnson

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September 15, 2016 + Slack = Collaboration Magic!

By Jake Johnson
Product Manager for

We know that it takes a variety of apps and tools to get work done, and one of our favorites is Slack! We love how easy it is to chat with others one-on-one or in groups to talk about specific ideas, projects or what free food has been left around the office… So we are super excited to announce that as of today, has integrated with Slack to make starting or joining a meeting easier than ever!

Here’s how to get’s integration with Slack up and running:

  1. Add the app to a Slack team – typically done by someone with admin privileges in the Slack App Directory – so you may need a little help from IT for this step!
  2. Type “/joinme” in any chat window to connect your account to Slack. You’ll enter in your account username and password and grant Slack permission to access your info.
  3. Once connected, just use “/joinme” to start a meeting! Meeting details are automatically sent out to all of the members of the Slack channel or direct message.


In addition to starting a meeting, you can also type /joinme brag to show how long you’ve been a user and how many meetings you’ve held (our current reigning champ has hosted nearly 11,000 meetings!). And, /joinme help will also give you a list of all these commands just in case you need a refresher.

 For more information check out our Slack integration page!


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