June 4, 2015 By Michael Parker Gets a Mobile Makeover!

June 4, 2015

By Michael Parker

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June 4, 2015 Gets a Mobile Makeover!

With that in mind, I am very excited to unveil the new and improved iOS portfolio, with new apps for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. With this update, we introduce the ‘One Touch Meeting’, available in our new app for Apple Watch and an update to the iPhone app. And we introduce our re-envisioned app for the iPad, now including the Mobile Whiteboard.

And with our new app for the iPad, you can present – documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and even whiteboards – for free. Yes, free.

Here’s what you need to know:

New ‘One Touch Meeting’ for Apple Watch and iPhone

Today introduces the ‘One Touch Meeting’ for Apple Watch and iPhone. With a single touch on the iPhone or Apple Watch, will automatically call the host – our “Call Me” feature — and start on your desktop right away. No need to dial any numbers or passcodes. No need to start on a laptop or desktop. We start it for you.

If you have a scheduled meeting, will now send you a push notification to your iPhone or Apple Watch when it’s time to meet. One touch and your meeting starts right up.

Need to start a meeting on-the-fly? No problem. Ad hoc meetings start with a simple tap on your app for Apple Watch and iPhone.

It’s definitely simple and easy.

New Mobile Whiteboard for the iPad

The whiteboard is part of almost every business and sales discussion, but it’s been trapped on the wall, until now. Today,’s new mobile whiteboard for the iPad lets you create and collaborate on or off-line, giving you the ability to create, present, save, and share ideas in real time right from your iPad. With our InfinityBoard™,’s new mobile whiteboard provides a truly infinite canvas so you can draw, add shapes, lines, and even images from your photo library. Want to share it in real time? Just share out your whiteboard, and others can see what you are thinking and creating, even if they are half way around the world. Try doing that with a physical whiteboard.

Want to send the whiteboard to to them after the discussion? Stop taking pictures. Your whiteboard files can be shared as jpegs, PDFs, or in a fully editable whiteboard file format that can be sent to others so they can add their ideas. Check out this video for a quick demonstration:

You can create and share up to 4 mobile whiteboards for free, and additional whiteboards are available for pro and enterprise users. The new mobile whiteboard is based on and incorporates the capabilities of the Zamurai mobile whiteboard app, which I was a co-founder and CEO.

Remember, you can also share documents, presentations, even spreadsheets, all right from your iPad. And you can even join calls right from your iPad using VoIP.

All of the iPhone and iPad capabilities are available for existing iOS app users via an update, or for new users via a download in the App Store.

Don’t miss out – upgrade your apps and start meeting & collaborating with— from virtually anywhere—now!


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