October 11, 2016 By Harvey Grasty Announces Integration Partner Program!

October 11, 2016

By Harvey Grasty

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October 11, 2016 Announces Integration Partner Program!

By Harvey Grasty
Senior Director, Business Development

The way we work together, how we collaborate, has morphed.  The lines are blurred.  Every day, we’re asking ourselves:

  • Do I schedule a meeting?
  • Start a “Slack-chat?”
  • Reach out via HipChat?
  • Update my Trello board?
  • Send an email?
  • Text/SMS?
  • Pick up the phone and call? (Ok, maybe that was last decade)

So many choices for how to collaborate.  And who are we, at, to say which is best?  You should decide. It’s your workday.

The constant amidst all of these variables –  we all value efficiency.  We’re packing in as much work as we can whenever, wherever.  Sometimes we need an answer quickly, other times we’ve got time for a thoughtful conversation.  Different situations and context lead to different ways of communicating — so we value flexibility in our collaboration tools.

The goal of the new integration partner program is to make easily accessible from the applications you use every day.  We want to be at the ready when you need to schedule a meeting from your favorite calendar app or need to quickly meet to share your screen when chatting in Slack or HipChat.  The brilliance of is that it can augment collaboration from almost any application.  Ad-hoc or scheduled.  Voice or video.  Screen share or whiteboard.  One-to-one or one-to-many.  Intercompany or intracompany.

Today we are announcing integrations with Slack, Atlassian’s HipChat, Trello, Google Calendar, Microsoft Office365 and Outlook and we previously told you about our integration with HubSpot’s CRM platform.  But, this is just the beginning of making available everywhere you work, across many of the applications you use every day.  We’re also excited about our enhanced developer tools to allow app developers to start building into their user experience. Between our showcase integrations and our API, can now be a part of almost any other application giving you the freedom to use the tools you want and the power to be more productive.

We look forward to hearing from more application providers about how they’ve made real-time collaboration successful by bringing into their experience for the benefit of their users.

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