March 31, 2017 By Colleen Regan for G Suite: Your Questions Answered

March 31, 2017

By Colleen Regan

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March 31, 2017 for G Suite: Your Questions Answered

By Colleen Regan
Product Marketing Manager

Earlier this month we announced that is now available on Google’s G Suite Marketplace. This integration allows G Suite users to sign in to their Google account just once and access multiple apps, including We’ve heard a few questions come up from our users about what the integration is for, and how to enable it. Well if you’ve got the questions,  we’ve got the answers! Check out this FAQ’s below to help guide you.

Q: How do I know if I can use the G Suite integration?

A: This depends on what your company uses to host and manage their work applications. Are you a company who uses Google as a platform to run your business (a “Google shop” as we call it)? Do you have a Google hosted e-mail address, or do you use the G Suite platform for other apps? If so, this integration is perfect for you. If you’re not quite sure, you might want to ask your IT department.

Q: Can I enable the integration myself?

A: This integration is managed at the admin level. You must be BOTH the Master Account Holder AND the Google Admin Manager to enable this across your company. If you’re only one or the other, or neither, you can’t get this up and running on your own. You’ll want to get in touch with your master account holder to activate the integration.

Q: How do I find out who my Master Account Holder is?

A: If you’re not sure who to ask in IT, you can see exactly who your Master Account Holder is in your directory! Simply login to and click on the “Directory” tab. You’ll find a list of users here, and the person labeled “Owner” will be the one you can email to enable the integration. You can even email them right from the directory by clicking on their name. Check out this tip video to learn more about the directory.

Q: I am the Master Account Holder. How do I set this up?

A: As we said, you also need to be the Google Admin manager to set up this integration. If you’re not sure who that is, we recommend you reach out to your IT department, or a rep from Google to help you! Once you’ve confirmed you’re wearing both hats, here’s a quick video to show you how to get the integration going for you and all your users:


Want to try the integration? Visit our page in the G Suite Marketplace!