May 16, 2017 By Colleen Regan and G Suite: a Perfect Fit for Pinterest

May 16, 2017

By Colleen Regan

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May 16, 2017 and G Suite: a Perfect Fit for Pinterest

By Colleen Regan
Product Marketing Manager

Pinterest. Is. Awesome. If you’ve got a party to plan, a home to decorate, a workout goal to meet, or a new hobby to explore – there’s a pin board for that! As THE online collaboration space to foster creativity and discover new passions, we’re thrilled to share their customer story!

The San Francisco based software company has over 1100 employees all around the world. As a loyal Google shop, Pinterest employees loved Google Hangouts for internal meetings. But they were finding it wasn’t well-suited for collaborating with people who didn’t work at Pinterest. They needed something simpler to access, especially for people without a Google account for work. Global conference calls were also a source of headache, as employees were dealing with unreliable dial-in numbers with bad call quality. So when AV Systems Administrator Dom Marsili discovered’s range of global dial-in numbers and user-friendly interface, it was an easy, affordable choice to add for all employees.

With so many users all around the world, Dom needed flexible, easy user management from day one. Using‘s Admin Console and OneLogin integration, Dom rolled out on a global scale. And when it launched earlier this year, Dom enabled the for G Suite integration, putting right at everyone’s fingertips on their Google Apps page. Since then, Dom has seen a rapid company-wide adoption of as the audio provider of choice for global conference calls. As Dom says,“ helps to fill a very important role within our web conferencing ecosystem.” (-Tweet this)

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When you see how fits perfectly into Pinterest’s online meeting toolkit, you’ll want to pin this article on to your own “productivity” pin board!