April 28, 2015 By Craig Daniel

Introducing the Video Beta – Let the ideas bubble up!

April 28, 2015

By Craig Daniel

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April 28, 2015

Introducing the Video Beta – Let the ideas bubble up!

By Craig Daniel
VP of Product,

Our philosophy behind has been the same since we started – make online meetings simple and easy. Let people share ideas instantly. So we made it a pleasure to meet online. No downloads for people who join. Let you start in seconds. And let you use it for free. We started a revolution in the online meeting space that continues today.

And as we have added new features to, we’ve always gotten the same request from our users – please keep it simple and easy to use.

So when it came to delivering video conferencing, we wanted to apply the same philosophy. It was not just about enabling the ability for people to stare at each other on their screens. We had to rethink how to enable people to interact visually.  When people get together, it is not an opportunity to stare each other – but an opportunity to collaborate. An opportunity to share new ideas and interact.

So it is with great pleasure that today we introduce the video beta. It’s a different approach on video conferencing. Not so rigid as some other solutions. But something we hope is as simple, delightful, and intuitive as the that tens of millions of users have come to know and love over these past few years. With the video beta, we introduce our video bubblesTM. Simple, light, floating visual images of you and the people you are meeting with. They float. They bounce. Go ahead, grab a bubble and play with it. Move it around the screen. Even bounce them into each other. We wanted to let you have a little fun while you interact in an experience you will remember.

And we’re introducing it in a way so that we could get feedback from the most important people we know – our users. We want your feedback as you use it. What works for you? And what doesn’t? When it comes to collaboration, we enjoy collaborating with our users. Because every day, our goal is to provide a simple and delightful experience for everyone using

To try the video beta, just click the “Join beta” prompt:

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This is just the beginning. You can expect weekly updates with new features, new interactions, and bug fixes, of course. Have a question, an issue, or just some positive feedback? Post it on Twitter to @joinme, share feedback, or send us an email to We love hearing from you.

Try it out.  With one person. With your whole team. And lets us know what ideas ‘bubble’ up.


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