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March 23, 2017 By Chris Conforti

InteGR(E)ATions: A guide to integrations!

March 23, 2017

By Chris Conforti

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March 23, 2017

InteGR(E)ATions: A guide to integrations!

By Chris Conforti
Customer Success Manager

Hot on the heels of our G-Suite integration announcement from last week we wanted to remind you about some other great integrations and tools that can make your work life a whole lot easier. has poured a lot of resources into ensuring that our product works cohesively with many other popular tools in the marketplace today. We know the mark of a great collaboration tool is the ability to get the job done, get people connected simply, and enhancing productivity and creativity! Seamless integration is becoming a key differentiator in our decision making when exploring the vast number of collaboration tools at our disposal.

So whether it’s figuring a way to remember all those millions of passwords (hint: use our admittedly awesome password management tool Lastpass), to the simplicity of all the various integrations we’ve built in to, it has never been easier to connect to all your tools! 

You can see a full list of all our current integrations here! , but we figured we’d highlight a couple of our favs:

Outlook – Schedule a meeting directly from Microsoft Outlook,
automatically adding in all your details. Customize the details you’d like to include in each meeting, including dial-in details, your personal URL, or a one-time meeting code so all the pertinent info is there for your meeting participants when they go to join a meet. Another added benefit is that
the emailed invitations come from you, rather than some bot. This dramatically reduces the possibility of these emailed invites getting scrubbed by pre-filters or ending up in the recipient’s spam or junk folders.

Office 365 – Schedule a meeting directly from Office 365, and sync it with your Outlook calendar. Once again, all your meeting details are added right in to the invite making the whole process super convenient! Plus your meetings will appear on your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Google Chrome– Start a new meeting right from Google Chrome browser! You can also schedule and view all your upcoming meetings.

Slack– Begin a session on the fly right from a Slack conversation! If you’re already using Slack for internal messaging, we highly recommend integrating with!

Using any of our integrations allows you to seamlessly start and integrate into the mailing client,  cloud mail services, or messaging tool which in turn means you can get your job done better and faster and feel like this: 


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