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August 9, 2017 By Jessica Felts

Ice Breakers for New Teams

August 9, 2017

By Jessica Felts

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August 9, 2017

Ice Breakers for New Teams

By Jessica Felts
Product Marketing Manager

The first few meetings for a new team, whether in person or virtual, can be awkward while everyone is learning names, roles, and personalities. Though icebreakers may be more synonymous with summer camp introductions or the first day of school, they can actually can help your work team get to know each other as well as start your meeting on a fun note!

If you are working with a partial or completely virtual team, try “round robin” style icebreakers where participants take turns sharing the same information, just make sure to keep the conversation light and fun (aka avoid politics or other potentially sensitive issues).

Here are some icebreaker thought starters to get your team talking and collaborating!

“Geographical trivia” — Where are you located and what’s an interesting fact about your location? (If possible, make it interactive by preparing a map screenshot ahead of time, and using the annotation feature for participants to circle their location and write their name on the map.)

“Office story swap” — Where’s your favorite or most unusual remote working location?

“Hidden talent” — What hobby or talent of yours surprises people?

“Power hour” — If you had to save the day, which superhero would you be and why?

“Subjective adjectives” — Describe yourself with an adjective that starts with your first-name initial.

“Job description” — Describe what you do in one word.

“Cool job” — My job is cool because…

“Dream on” — When I grow up, I want to …

“Dream team” — I’m excited to be part of this team/project because…

“Complimentary” — The best compliment I received on the job was…

Bonus idea: Once team members know each other better, mix things up. Collect, in advance, “clues” — like photos of each person’s younger self or workspace, trivia or unique personal facts — then have participants guess the right person.

Believe us, a few minutes at the beginning of a meeting spent having fun will go a long way building up team camaraderie which, ultimately leads to a better working relationship for all involved!