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January 2, 2019 By Jen Mathews

How to Set Your Team Up for Success in 2019

January 2, 2019

By Jen Mathews

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January 2, 2019

How to Set Your Team Up for Success in 2019

By Jen Mathews
Senior Public Relations Manager

Well it’s here. Another year. The holiday season was fun and hopefully you and your team enjoyed some much-deserved time away from the office, but now it’s time to get back to work.

But before you stress about everything that needs to be accomplished over the next 12 months, take a deep breath and block off a small amount of time to set you and your team up for success in the New Year.

Here are some simple but effective ideas to position your team for a great 2019.

1. Set team resolutions

Who says New Year’s Resolutions are just for individuals? Why not set team or even company resolutions for 2019?

Ask your coworkers each to come up with a resolution or two for the team or the business, and come up with some yourself. These could be business goals, like hitting a revenue number next year or launching a new marketing campaign. They could also be internally focused goals, such as improving team communication or streamlining company processes.

Then hold a meeting early in January to discuss the resolutions you’ve come up with. Commit as a team to as many as you’re comfortable with, and establish success metrics for each. This will help everyone enter the New Year goal-oriented, focused on shared objectives, and accountable for achieving those objectives.

2. Hold a year-end retrospective

The beginning of a new year is a great time to sit down with your team and take an objective look back at what worked and what didn’t throughout the previous year. Call it your year in review team retrospective.

The key to a successful retrospective is to keep the meeting positive and upbeat, so your team feels safe sharing their thoughts and nobody worries about someone criticizing something they did or blaming them for something that went wrong.

In other words, make your team retrospective a judgment-free zone. You’re not there to point fingers or sulk about things that didn’t go according to plan. You’re there to assess how and where your team succeeded, so you can replicate those successes in the coming year, and to figure out which things didn’t work, so you can fix them going forward.

3. Establish the best communication strategies for your team

If your team is like most, you’re probably using too many communication tools and apps. Worse, if your coworkers are using different apps to communicate, your team probably isn’t working as effectively as they could be.

So before everyone starts working in the New Year, set up a couple of team collaboration tools that everyone will use in 2019—for example, one online chat app, and one online meeting app. This will make team communication a lot more efficient and save everyone a lot of time. This is also a great time to review remote working policies and make sure that your team is ready to work from the office, their home or on the go!

Here’s to your success in 2019!

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