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May 23, 2017 By Marcela Albertini

How to Be the Host With the Most

May 23, 2017

How to Be the Host With the Most

By Marcela Albertini
Customer Success Manager

While starting a meeting couldn’t be any easier, we do know that there is a difference between simply starting a meeting and hosting a meeting that people walk away from saying “Now that was a good meeting!”. The trick is to make sure you are prepared just like you would be if you hosted any sort of in-person event or meeting. Lucky for you, we’re put together a check list to make sure you’ll wow your attendees!

  1. Personalize your invitation by downloading one of our email plugins for your email platform. It will help you to create a clear and branded meeting invite and get your attendees excited for what is to come.
  2. Create the best first impression! Customize your meeting page by logging into your account at You can change what your attendees see when they arrive at your meeting by uploading your profile picture as well entering your name, title and a background image to keep it all professional and branded.
  3. Minimize anxiety on your part and distraction for your attendees by choosing the “Window Share” feature. This option is really helpful because it gives the presenter the power to isolate what the attendees see to just one window rather than your full screen. Aka no instant messages about lunch plans popping up during your meeting!
  4. Prepare an agenda to set the right expectation of the subjects to follow. Also, decide how you would like to answer questions. You can chose to leave your attendees un-muted, keeping your meeting interactive or mute everyone and save the Q&A until the end.
  5. Greet everyone as they arrive. If people arrive a bit early keep them entertained with some of our awesome hold music. Once you are in the meeting you can enable “play a sound” when someone joins your call so you can properly acknowledge their presence as they arrive.
  6. Sit back and wait for the complements on being the best meeting host ever!