May 4, 2016 By Colleen Regan

How is Showing Work Who’s Boss

May 4, 2016

How is Showing Work Who’s Boss

By Colleen Regan
Product Marketing Manager

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been rolling out a new brand that has a little more swagger, and is a little more fun. We sat down with Paul Schauder,’s Vice President of Brand and the creative guru behind the new look, to learn more about the new brand, how it started, and where we see it taking us.

Colleen Regan: First of all, give us the backstory. How did start, and what was the industry like?

Paul Schauder: In 2010, when we introduced, the online meeting space – dominated by traditional meeting players like GoToMeeting and WebEx – was ripe for disruption. Back then collaboration products were built for a business world in which meetings were episodic and hierarchical, everyone worked under the same roof and IT dictated what applications you could use. However, these legacy tools had legacy problems. Problems which was specifically designed to fix. Where traditional players needed to be downloaded and installed, we were instant. Where their interfaces were bloated with unnecessary features, was ridiculously simple. And where they were expensive we, in time-honored LogMeIn fashion, were free.

But it wasn’t just the product that was disruptive. We marketed with clever statements highlighting user benefits not product features. Our website was a stripped down affair that emphasized delight over selling, we spoke to business people like, well, people and our look and feel was colorful and energetic.

CR: What was the reaction?

PS: The initial reaction was really positive. As it turns out, disruption works. Our growth was explosive. was quickly adding tens of thousands of new users every month. Shortly after launching the product, we even started to see others imitating our approach by incorporating elements of our positioning.

CR: So why change things now?

PS: Well, times change and so did we. Somewhere along the way, we lost a bit of our mojo and started playing on our competitor’s field. As well, the workplace has continued to evolve.  It’s less hierarchical, more collaborative, more dispersed and more flexible just like the millennials who are transforming it. So we needed to refresh our brand.

We set out to rearticulate our brand position in a meaningful and relevant way to the target mindset, the millennials. Once again we hope to stand out again among the competition by offering our users something no one else does — the opportunity to get things done and then get on with life.

CR: What’s next?

PS: The good news, we built to facilitate spontaneous, continuous collaboration among a highly dispersed workforce. So sharing and joining is immediate. The ease of use allows for ubiquitous adoption and the users needs are placed above all else. You’ll see this new brand reflected in the images on our website, the way we describe, even the look and feel of our new logo.  Many of the changes are immediate, others are things we are working on behind the scenes that will continue to improve your experience over the coming weeks and months.

One thing we promise is that we are striving everyday to deliver the best possible product to both our free and paying users. While others are taking free products away, we are actually adding additional features for FREE users and we are giving PRO and BUSINESS users more control than ever. All of these changes lead back to one simple and powerful idea: our users Show Work Who’s Boss. We’re proud to be there to support that goal.


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