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May 4, 2017 By Matt Corapi

Host Meetings Like a Boss

May 4, 2017

By Matt Corapi

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May 4, 2017

Host Meetings Like a Boss

By Matt Corapi
Customer Success Manager

As a member of the Customer Success team, it’s my job to help our customers get the most out of our products. Sometimes this is accomplished by informing them of a new feature that they didn’t know about. Other times it’s keeping the customer aware of best practices when using Regardless of your knowledge of, there’s always something more that you can learn about the product and the way in which you can use it.

Today I wanted to cover one of the basics. How and when to host a meeting. Check out the different ways you can start your own meetings below:

Ad Hoc:

Ad hoc literally means “for this” in Latin (nerd alert!), but enough of the schooling…In the online meeting space an Ad Hoc meeting typically refers to a meeting that is started spontaneously and often are unplanned. With you can fire up a meeting in a matter of seconds whenever you want to using the desktop app and your personal URL or a one-time code. Once the meeting has started you can simply click on your meeting link at the top of the app to copy it and send it over to whomever you’re connecting with so they can join. This capability is great for running quick/unexpected demos or sales pitches.


These are the types of meetings that most customers are familiar with, meetings that are scheduled in advance. Typically, scheduling a meeting is the preferred method among users when you are trying to convey a professional image to whomever you’re meeting with. Our scheduled meeting template gives your attendees all the information they’ll need to join the meeting along with directions for those less tech-savvy users out there. There are numerous ways that you can schedule meetings and has you covered with several different integrations for Microsoft Outlook,  Office 365, and Google Calendar  to find what best suits you!


Sometimes you just need to talk it out.  If you have nothing to screen share you can still utilize for a simple conference call. With you have unlimited audio conferencing via our list of localized conference numbers. Just find a conference number from our list and your conference ID code and send it over to your colleagues to hop on a quick call using If things do take a turn and you need to share something, it’s easy to fire up the app without hanging up and dialing in again.