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September 7, 2017 By Alix Hagan

Host a last-minute collaborative study session with!

September 7, 2017

By Alix Hagan

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September 7, 2017

Host a last-minute collaborative study session with!

By Alix Hagan
Manager, Product Marketing

Ever had the nightmare where it’s the day of an exam for a class you never even knew you had? You haven’t attended the lectures or done the readings, and you’re left totally unprepared. This nightmare is so universal because many of us, starting in college and through our careers, have a fear of failure due to a lack of preparation.

One simple way to prep is to make sure you’re set up to work on a class work (or professional work) wherever and whenever you need to meet with others.

Leveraging the knowledge and work of your peers is essential, especially when you’re in a bind for time and resources. It’s probably best not to flat out ask for free notes, though. Instead, put in the work to get the work by organizing a remote study session.

Assemble your dream team:

Bring in the super-participators, the ones with color-coded notes, and even the friends who are more lost than you are. Peer tutoring is actually more effective when students from multiple ability levels work together. Using, just send out an invite to their Google or Microsoft Outlook .edu mail and it’ll put the virtual meeting right on their calendar.

Put your heads together:

Use’s screen sharing feature to compare your notes and get the material you might be missing. You can also pull up problems and work through them together using the annotating tools. Highlight, draw on, and take snapshots of the screen to reference when studying later.

Play professor:

There is an old saying, “to teach is to learn twice.” Peer tutoring is an immensely helpful study tool to help students clarify and retain class material. Have someone pass you presenter control and take the opportunity to explain class materials to others who may be struggling to grasp concepts.

Divide and conquer:

When there is still work to be done, use the chat function to delegate tasks to group members without interrupting the flow of conversation. If you’re in a serious time crunch, divide up the readings or problems between members and reconvene later to distribute the knowledge.

Save for later:

You can record the whole study session to brush up on later. Even send the recording along to a classmate who missed it if you’re looking for a little good karma. It always pays off to provide someone with study materials because next time around, they’ll be more likely to share theirs with you.

Collaborate, share, and peer tutor. In the moment, it may feel like you’re offering up free work, but there is something to be gained for including everyone in a collaborative study session, whether you’re reviewing information to teach others or learning new material for the very first time.

The best part of all, is you can do it for free. With free, you can host up to three participants in a screen share session. If you need more features or have a larger group, take out a free 2 week trial of PRO to access recording and pass-presenter, and allow more people in the session. We’re confident you’ll find that it’s worth the subscription for future cramming sessions!