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July 29, 2016 By Josh Miller

Hold On- We’ve Got More Music While You Wait!

July 29, 2016

By Josh Miller

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July 29, 2016

Hold On- We’ve Got More Music While You Wait!

By Josh Miller
Director of Audio Services

We’ve loved hearing from our users how much they’ve enjoyed jamming out to join.me funk as they wait for a meeting to start, so we decided to add to our hold music playlist for your conference calls. Sit back and relax before your next meeting with our two latest hold music options: join.me reggae and join.me country!

If waiting for a meeting to start is Jamaican you crazy, you’ll love the cool reggae sounds of “Time to Connect”. Cowboy boots and big hats more your style? Then our country anthem “WFH” is the tune for you! And don’t worry, if you’re a funk fan at heart we still have our original tune available. Whatever your preference, our fun hold music makes the waiting game less of a drag!

Adding one of these hold music options is easy-breezy (just like our songs):

  1. Log in to your account on the join.me website and click on “meeting settings”
  2. Navigate to the hold music dropdown
  3. Select your favorite tune!

Should you want to take the join.me hold music with you too, we’ve got you covered. Just click to download join.me Reggae or join.me Country. And by all means, feel free to sing along with the lyrics below!

Time to Connect

I wanna share my screen with you
Yeah wanna share my screen with you (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Click on the link is all that you gotta do (yah mon)
and I’ll be sharing my screen with you (yeah)

No downloads to get in the way (get in the way)
Any time night or day (night or day mon)
Join me is all you gotta say
No downloads to get in the way-ay-ay

Time to connect
Time to connect
Audio, video, audio, video, audio, video, audio, video
Time to connect

So go ahead let’s get stuff done (get stuff done)
Do our work then have some fun
No wasted time, no wasted life
More productivity, positivity, no strife

Maybe you gotta get up early
and you’ll get to bed late
you work hard all day
to make your pay
Demo, sell, co create.
Train or collaborate.
Whatever it is, there’s no time lost
join dot me show work who’s boss


Woke up and the sun was shinin’
Don’t see myself daily grindin’
No way in heck I’m gonna’ commute

Looks like my schedule’s packed
Got meetin’s back to back
Thank heavens for join.me
‘Cause I can do ‘em ease-a-ly.

Today, is WFH, WFH
Workin’ from home, workin’ with join.me
(Today is) WFH, (whooh, yeah) WFH
Workin’ from home, workin’ with join.me

Gonna’ grab my mobile device
Head out in my four-wheel drive
As long as I can get wifi, we can meet
while I bait a line

Workin’ from home, workin’ with join.me
Workin’ from home, workin’ with join.me

TRY join.me FREE!

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  • Ray Sumner | 2 years, 5 months ago

    your hold music is OUTSTANDING! “…they’re late or you’re ear;y, there’s only two ways this can go…”


  • Jen Mathews | 2 years, 7 months ago

    Hi Matt! If you hit ** when you hear the hold music it will mute it until the meeting starts. For more keyboard shortcuts check out: https://help.join.me/s/article/ka113000000YembAAC/joinme-jm-faq-conferencecustom-part?language=en_US

  • Matt | 2 years, 7 months ago

    As a caller (not an account holder), there needs to be a way to mute this feature from the listener’s end. It’s actually quite an annoying feature.

  • Julia | 2 years, 7 months ago

    We would love for you to do techno!

  • Lisa Davis | 2 years, 10 months ago

    Who the heck is the musical artist with the lyrics “they’re late, or you’re early,” it makes me laugh!

  • Jonathan Butts | 3 years ago

    As a creative director I am constantly trying to get my clients to do things like this. Thanks for having the f***ing balls/ovaries to go through with it. Brilliant!