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November 28, 2016 By Amy Wendel

Giving Back With Benevity’s Seth Thompson

November 28, 2016

By Amy Wendel

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November 28, 2016

Giving Back With Benevity’s Seth Thompson

By Amy Wendel
Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

It’s already the end of November and we are well into the swing of the holidays. While many are high-fiving about the great Black Friday deals they got, we’d like to highlight tomorrow’s holiday, Giving Tuesday, and all the ways our non-profit customers work hard every day to give back to their communities. One such join.me customer, Benevity, is a platform that manages charitable giving and improves the way global charities access and become eligible for corporate giving programs. I recently had a chat with Seth Thompson, Benevity’s Director of Goodness, to get his thoughts on how they are using join.me and the impact it’s having on their business.

Amy) What makes Benevity different?

Seth) At Benevity we’re all about using our giving and volunteering platform to make Goodness matter more for companies, charities, and communities. We’ve challenged the status quo from day one, by making people-driven giving a part of everyday work and life, and we haven’t stopped innovating since. Together with our clients, we’re creating a growing social movement that is engaging more people to give to more causes in a more efficient way. 

Amy) Tell us about how you help further your mission of corporate giving?

Seth) My biggest priority every day is showing our clients how we can help them achieve their workplace giving goals. With join.me, I have a reliable tool that I use daily to engage clients with our platform to discuss how we can help them enhance their Goodness programs and drive meaningful employee engagement in communities across their geographic footprint.  

Amy) We love that join.me has helped further that mission! Can you tell us a bit more about how you use join.me?

Seth) There have been a number of situations where a potential client was showing interest in our platform on a call and I was quickly able to channel that enthusiasm right into an unplanned product demo by having them get on my join.me account. Being able to use join.me from any device has helped in situations where I see an opportunity to take a client conversation in another direction, taking advantage of their immediate interest in our services.  

Amy) How has join.me made an impact on your conversations with prospects?

Seth) It’s a small thing, but one of my favorite features is the join.me app. When I need to join a call from the road, I can click on the phone button in the meeting page and it will dial the call-in number and also enter in the meeting ID. I don’t have to try and write down the meeting code or remember it, it happens automatically. I can’t tell you how helpful that is when I’m traveling in the car or between meetings and I have to jump on a call quickly—it makes my life so much easier! It’s the little features sometimes that make the biggest difference!  

Thanks Seth we appreciate it! And don’t forget to give back this Giving Tuesday!

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