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July 10, 2017 By Matt Corapi

Getting Started With

July 10, 2017

By Matt Corapi

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July 10, 2017

Getting Started With

By Matt Corapi
Customer Success Manager

We talk a lot here about hacks, best practices, and general collab. knowledge, but today we thought we would get back to basics. We have tons of new users firing up a meeting for the first time everyday, so today we wanted to help those newbies out.

Getting started in anything in life can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Whether you’re beginning a new job or learning a new instrument there’s always a bit of a learning curve to overcome at first. The same can be said about transitioning from one online meeting to another or adopting new work tools.

For any new users reading this, never fear, we have your starter kit right here. Just watch this video and check out some of our tips to get meeting!


Customize your meeting room:

The first thing any user should do when setting up their account is creating their own personal URL. You can customize your link to be whatever you want it to be (as long as it’s at least 9 characters long). Brand it to your company, to the meeting subject, or even just to yourself. Setting up your personal link is essential because you can use it to host meetings whenever you want to, even recurring ones, and it gets the folks joining your meeting familiar with you and your brand.

Make the Meeting Yours With A Personal Background:

Your personal background works in tandem with your personal URL. The both make your account and your meeting room uniquely yours. In addition, to giving your meeting attendees a fun picture to look it if you brand it to your company it will also give them the reassurance that they’re in the right meeting and minimize risk of confusion. Personal backgrounds are visible if someone tries to join your meeting early or if you pause your screen sharing. In short, your background is visible in almost every scenario possible, so make it a good one! You can upload your own background by logging into your account online at

Get the Desktop App:

Downloading and installing the desktop app is going to save you time and allow for the fullest experience possible. A common misconception among many new users is that you must go through the web browser to start a meeting. Although you can start a meeting through the browser this isn’t recommend as a best practice for the host. What is recommended is installing and using the app to start and join all of your meetings. You’ll be able to use all the functionality such as pass presenter, share mouse control, annotate etc.. This said, while it’s best for a host to download the app, if you are presenting to others who may just be watching your screen, there’s no need for them to have the desktop app. They can simply fire up the meeting using It’s super easy and quick for participants!

Try it Out:

This is probably the most important step. is super simple to use, but it never hurts to get to know a new tool. Once you’ve got your meeting customized, start playing around with it. Depending on your needs you should learn how to share your screen, start video, whiteboard, annotate, etc.


If you are still stuck, or just want to get some more tips and tricks, we host two webinars a week. Sign up here! You can also check out our Knowledge Base for lots of helpful articles and videos.


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