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February 14, 2017 By Anne Piccolo

Get More Done With join.me Meeting Hacks!

February 14, 2017

By Anne Piccolo

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February 14, 2017

Get More Done With join.me Meeting Hacks!

By Anne Piccolo
Customer Success Manager

It’s always a great when you can get something you love to work even better for you. Starbucks hidden menu? Yes please! Turning a toaster on its side to make grilled cheeses? In theory it sounds inspired! (join.me assumes no responsibility for what actually happens if you try to grill cheese in a toaster…) Just like in these scenarios, there’s often a lot hiding beneath the surface things we use every day. Whether this is your first day showing work who’s boss or you’re a seasoned collaboration pro, here are a couple of hacks to make join.me work even better for you!

We play nicely with others…including Outlook on Macs

You heard that right! While we have ready-to-go plugin for Office 365 on Macs, you can still get creative to schedule in Outlook on Macs as well. First, schedule a test meeting from the online join.me scheduler by signing in to your join.me account at www.join.me. Be sure to select “personal link” as the meeting code type, as that’s your static link for future meetings.

While you’d normally include all your participants’ email address, this time just type in yours.

Under “audio information in the invitation,” you can be more generous than usual in selecting numbers to include. Think of any numbers that might be relevant to you going forward and check them off. You’re basically creating your join.me meeting invite template going forward, so give yourself some options.

After clicking schedule, go to your inbox. Open the test email you created, and copy the entire body. Then, create a new signature in Outlook saving all the meeting details as your signature. Save it as something like “meeting details” so it’s easy to find later.

Going forward, when you want to schedule a new join.me meeting, go to your Outlook scheduler and create a new meeting. Simply insert your new saved signature into that meeting invitation. Now, all your join.me meeting information is populated and ready to go! The last step is to delete any numbers you don’t need for that specific meeting, and add any additional notes you’d like regarding the topic of the meeting ect.


End the awkward overlap

Life happens. Sometimes meetings run over, sometimes your go-getter participants for later meetings join early, but either way it always causes friction. Well, leave those days behind you because here are two ways to ensure your meetings run like a well-oiled machine.

Method one: Organizer keypad commands are your friend. Once everyone is in your meeting, use *2 to lock out new participants. That way, should those eager beavers try to join early they’ll be met with an audio prompt telling them that the meeting is locked. When your first meeting is over, use *91 to terminate the conference. This cuts off the audio bridge for everyone, kicking stragglers out and leaving a clean slate for your second meeting.

Method two: There’s a time and a place for both personal links and one-time codes, and that place is with back-to-back meetings. To set yourself up for success on those busy days, utilize both ways of starting meetings. Use your personal link for that 9am team meeting, then a one-time code for your 10am client pitch. That way, your attendees are going into two separate meeting areas and any overlap has been avoided!


Say goodbye to your collection of .exe files

This is more a best practice than hack, but I’ve heard from many people who think that they need to download the join.me .exe file every time they start a meeting or get passed the presenter role. Well, we’re here to help you, not make your life harder! You don’t need to do this any longer! While there are many ways to start and join meetings, your best bet is to do so through the desktop app. Once on your computer, it’s the last download you’ll need, and will make your meetings go much more smoothly!

For ease of use on your participant’s ends, though, they can absolutely still join in a browser to get connected into your meeting as quickly as they can enter in your meeting URL.

TRY join.me FREE!

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  • Miller | 2 years, 10 months ago

    Yes, i also faced the same problem that whenever i want to start meeting, i need to download the .exe file every time. But now i’m happy that you guys developed desktop app so i can save my downloading time. Thank you and keep growing!!

  • LogMeIn Admin | 3 years ago

    Hi Victoria, I have someone on our support team looking into to this for you!

  • Victoria Jayes | 3 years ago

    I tried to download the desktop app and it says “page not found”

    We already have join.me as a company, so can you help?? We always download it every time we have a meeting.