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July 19, 2016 By Alix Hagan

Fight The Six Deadly Sins of Working Remotely

July 19, 2016

By Alix Hagan

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July 19, 2016

Fight The Six Deadly Sins of Working Remotely

By Alix Hagan
Director of Product Marketing,

Our recent survey revealed that 80 percent of workers are equally or more productive when working from home. But, no matter where you’re working, distractions and obstacles are still inevitable. We broke it down into “six deadly sins” of working remotely, and easy ways to combat them!

  1. Greed: Working from home enables great flexibility in your day – but be careful not to lose track of time and get “greedy” with your lunch or coffee breaks. We promise it’ll be easier than you think to rack up a full 8 hours, now that you’re not commuting!
  2. Sloth: Two words: WAKE. UP. We know it can be tempting to spend that extra hour in bed, but various studies have found many benefits to being an early riser: they are more proactive, more productive and better planners. So get out of your bed, and get to work!
  3. Gluttony: Working at home means you have all-access pass to your snack cabinet – especially when you might be putting off a difficult task. However, research shows that 60 percent of the time you feel hungry, you are actually thirsty. So instead of snacking, drink a glass of water and power through that to do list.
  4. Envy: Are you scrolling through Instagram or getting Snaps of your friends on vacation? Cue the jealousy. Lay off the social media in between meetings – maybe even put your phone in the other room. Plus, what’s there to be jealous of? You’re crushing work, comfy on your couch, likely in your PJs. Seems like you’re the real winner here…
  5. Wrath: Working from home means your co-workers aren’t there to chat with in person. So when a confusing or frustrating e-mail comes through, instead of writing back with “passion”, take a breath, then jump on a video conference and talk it out. A face-to-face convo, even remotely, can easily diffuse tension or miscommunications.
  6. Pride: So this one you don’t have to fight. We’re all about showing work who’s boss. So get your work done, do it well, and go ahead and brag about it a little!



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