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August 31, 2017 By John Boitnott

How to Enjoy A Holiday Weekend When You Can’t Really Take The Time Off

August 31, 2017

By John Boitnott

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August 31, 2017

How to Enjoy A Holiday Weekend When You Can’t Really Take The Time Off

By John Boitnott

The U.S. is preparing for our final three-day holiday weekend of the summer and some professionals are stepping back to evaluate just how long it’s been since their last vacation. For those who seem to spend most of the year watching everyone else enjoy trips to beaches and amusement parks, it’s only natural to feel a little left out. But how can you enjoy time off if you have hours of work hanging over your head?

Even if you don’t have a moment to spare, you can still work a little play into your schedule, especially on a long weekend. It will likely even help you get more done in the long run. Here are a few ways you can enjoy holiday weekends without cutting too deeplyinto your work schedule.

Take Work on the Go

You may not be able to move your entire office to the beach, but you can grab your laptop or tablet and take work with you. Today’s tools make it easy to work from anywhere, since you can schedule meetings by phone or videoconference. Technology makes it possible to continue to conduct business while you’re traveling for work, so why not apply the same principles on vacation. Choose a period of time each day, like early morning before your friends and family are awake for work and go offline the rest of the day to spend time enjoying the time off.

Have Fun on Business Trips

Instead of taking business on your vacation, it might work better to bring your vacation to your business trips. One way is to bring family along. They can enjoy the pool and local attractions while you work. Whether you travel alone or with family, take the evenings off to visit local restaurants and do some touristy things.

Take a Micro Vacation

You don’t have to travel cross-country to get the benefits of a vacation. There are likely places you can visit within a half-day’s drive from your house. Take an afternoon off or schedule a full day to head to an area you’ve always wanted to visit. You’ll be home just in time to rest up for the next day’s work. If you need to stay connected, make sure you have the tools necessary to connect on the go.

Be a Local Tourist

Many people live in areas that are popular to tourists, yet they very rarely visit these attractions themselves. Research these hot spots and schedule some time to enjoy them. Even a lunch at a popular restaurant can do wonders for your stress and take you out of your everyday routine. You may have visited some of these places in the past, but consider giving them a second look. You’ll likely find you can enjoy them from a new perspective after having lived in an area for a while.

Holiday weekends bring the perfect opportunity to evaluate your need for a little R&R. Even if you work 18 hours a day, seven days a week, try to squeeze in a few hours of relaxation. Make rest a part of your work schedule. If you do, you’ll likely find you feel less burned out and can head back to work, ready to tackle whatever challenges await.

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