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July 18, 2017 By Raph DaCosta

Easy Steps to Hire Effective Freelance Help

July 18, 2017

By Raph DaCosta

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July 18, 2017

Easy Steps to Hire Effective Freelance Help

By Raph DaCosta
Social Media Specialist

Need new talent for your business, but lack the budget or infrastructure to hire fulltime employees? The obvious answer is to hire freelancers. Before you start onboarding, consider that by nature freelancers follow their own schedules and their own muses. To have success with freelance help, it’s important to effectively collaborate with these solo-minded workers. Try these tips for quickly and efficiently hiring the best freelancers for your company.

1) Craft a thorough and compelling job description

The gig economy is growing, which means freelancers have a lot of choices. The more enticing your gig sounds, the more likely you’ll be to attract the best freelancers. Take some time to craft a job description that showcases the position and its highlights. It’s also important to be thorough. Freelance job seekers want to know the complete 411 on what your company is offering.

2) Do some careful vetting

Avoid wasting your time interviewing the wrong freelance candidates by carefully analyzing their portfolios and resumes. While it’s important to check out what freelancers send you in terms of sample work, it’s equally important to read between the lines. Do this by studying online social media profiles and any reviews of their work. Also contact past clients about performance.

3) Set up an interview

Since freelancers usually work virtually, many employers don’t bother with the personal element. Remember that freelancers are people, too, and they often appreciate the contact. Hold a conference call with the freelancer and you and other key team members. This allows everyone to gauge the freelancer’s personality and determine if you’d work well together. A positive interaction that shows your dedication to a good experience will also make freelancers more interested in working for your company.

4) Outline your company vision

Because they often work remotely, freelancers don’t have the benefit of soaking up your company culture and vision. It’s up to you to describe and illustrate what your business represents and its mission. During conference calls, illustrate how your company stands out from your competition by explaining verbally, as well as visually. Give freelancers scenarios that illustrate what your company strives to accomplish. Outline how freelancers fit into your company and how the arrangement can be a win-win.

5) Try a one-time assignment

Avoid being left in a bind with unfinished important assignments by offering freelancers paid tasks that aren’t deadline sensitive. This gives you a good idea of what it’s like to work with them, including the quality of their work, if they meet deadlines, and how they react to revisions.


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