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January 19, 2017 By Colleen Regan

Customer Spotlight: Contently Drives Rapid Growth with Reliable Sales Demos

January 19, 2017

By Colleen Regan

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January 19, 2017

Customer Spotlight: Contently Drives Rapid Growth with Reliable Sales Demos

By Colleen Regan
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Content marketing as a strategy has grown rapidly over the last few years. This is not at all surprising, with so many content formats going mainstream (GIF, animation, video…) and so many social media channels to share them on (Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter…). From a marketer’s perspective, it can be exhausting trying to keep up!

That’s where Contently comes in. The software enables marketing teams from the smallest startups to large Fortune 500’s to organize and execute their content marketing efforts. Marketers can create their content plans, manages their creative resources, and track the success of each piece – all in one easy to use platform. (Personally, as a marketer, the word “Godsend” comes to mind.)

For over three years, Contently’s sales team has been using join.me for simple, reliable demos. And in those three years, they’ve seen a staggering 3000% growth! So how has join.me contributed to that success? Dustin Abanto, Contently’s Director of Sales Development and Operations, says it boils down to join.me’s reliability and consistency enabling his team to close deals faster. “Nothing is worse for credibility if you can’t get a demo tool running,” he says. “If you waste any time on technology problems, right there you’ve increased the length of your sales cycle.”

And with each sales rep and customer support specialist set up with a unique join.me dial-in number and a personal URL, prospects and customers know right where to find the Contently team member they need to speak to. There’s no delay, no confusion – just faster sales and better service! For more on how Contently’s sales and support team is powered by join.me, check out our full customer success story.

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