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January 24, 2017 By Amy Wendel

Creating the Next Generation of Makers

January 24, 2017

By Amy Wendel

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January 24, 2017

Creating the Next Generation of Makers

By Amy Wendel
Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

Generation Z will be the first generation that will grow up entirely connected to electronic devices from birth. This certainly has had an impact on how members of that age group view the world, and how the world interacts with them. Organizations are leading worldwide movements that leverage this connectivity, to expose young people to a host of new skills and ways of thinking that will only further this rise in technology as they become the next generation of makers, developers, and leaders!

One such organization is CoderDojo, a completely volunteer-led organization that teaches kids around the world to code. Over the past five years, CoderDojo has expanded to 63 countries, impacting 40,000 kids globally – with only nine full-time employees. As a volunteer-based organization, CoderDojo has a small budget, but big tech needs given the scale of the organization.

To keep pace with the young people it serves, CoderDojo turned to Slack and join.me. The ease and simplicity of using join.me and Slack together enables CoderDojo to collaborate and communicate better across the board – volunteers and staff are connected on a personal level, programming ideas flow seamlessly from Dojo to Dojo, and board members stay updated and inspired about impact and growth. With join.me, CoderDojo can not only sustain but rapidly grow a club with a local personal touch, yet a worldwide impact. 

Watch the video to learn how join.me and Slack enables better collaboration and seamless global communication for one of the coolest, most inspiring nonprofit organizations we know!  

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