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June 23, 2015 By Craig Daniel

Circle Takes the Square: join.me Intros Fast, Easy, Free Video Meetings

June 23, 2015

By Craig Daniel

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June 23, 2015

Circle Takes the Square: join.me Intros Fast, Easy, Free Video Meetings

By Craig Daniel
VP of Product, join.me

Six weeks ago, we opened a video beta and welcomed the legions of join.me enthusiasts to give it a shot, tell us what you liked, tell us what you hated, tell us what we missed. We’re happy that thousands of you took us up on the offer. Since then, there have been tens of thousands of video meetings; thousands of calls, emails, and tweets worth of feedback; and hundreds of man hours fine tuning – and in some cases, outright re-imagining – what we hope is a great video experience.

As we said when we started the beta, when it came to delivering video meetings , we wanted to be sure we stayed true to the join.me philosophy of keeping the experience simple and instant. And we wanted to take a fresh approach. That meant it had to be drop-dead easy to use. It had to be lightning fast. It had to look and feel natural, and yet, not like anything else on market (e.g. join.me video feeds actually float in bubbles which can be moved, manipulated and even bounced around).

It also meant making some changes to the way people interact with join.me, and thus, a fresh take on our signature UI. Just want to have a video chat? Easy. Just want to jump on a conference call. No problem. Want to do both of those while sharing files and screens? That’s as quick and easy as, well, join.me.

You can see how it works here or even better, try out join.me video conferencing on your next meeting, and have some fun with it.

And be sure to let us know what you think. We may have graduated from beta, but we always love to hear your feedback. Post it on Twitter to @joinme, share feedback, or send us an email to video@join.me.


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