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February 21, 2017 By Chris Conforti

Beating the Long Weekend Blues

February 21, 2017

By Chris Conforti

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February 21, 2017

Beating the Long Weekend Blues

By Chris Conforti
Customer Success Manager

To preface, if you did not get President’s Day off yesterday I thoroughly apologize for “rubbing it in”. However, whether your struggling to get back in the swing of things, or thinking that’s it’s only Tuesday and this week is off to a slow start, this post is for you. You can prevent this weekend blues ailment by planning accordingly and making a few simple adjustments to prevent feeling like this:

Everyone has experienced this phenomenon “the long weekend blues” or “post vacation syndrome”.  Re-adjusting to work life is made difficult due to the very real affliction an extra 24 hours (or more) of weekend-ing causes. Let’s be honest here, most people don’t adequately plan for the week following a long weekend, so things really can hit the fan when you make it back to the office. So on this Tip Tuesday, post long weekend, we bring you some ways to combat the long weekend blues!

  • Plan Out Your Week ASAP: As soon as you are back in the office after a long weekend give your calendar a glance and run through your to-do list. Schedule your meetings using our Outlook or Google Calendar integrations to get things done. It’s an easy way to plan out the week and mentally prepare for the week ahead. This way planning, coordinating, setting up last minute meetings won’t get in the way of showing work who’s boss!
  • WFH: Maybe three days at home wasn’t enough. We all need to work from home every now and again to make sure that we maintain a good life/work balance. Set up a meeting with a code so that if people need to take a call from elsewhere all the info they need is right in the invite.  They can simply connect from wherever they may be, enter meeting without having to download anything, dial in, view the screen share and even enable their webcams if they are missing that face to face connection with coworkers. 
  • Plan Your Next Getaway: Many of us need defined goals or deadlines to maintain a high level of productivity. Nothing motivates me more than knowing my hard work will be rewarded with something fun in the form of my next vacation. Even if it’s only a day skiing or a quick trip to visit an out of town friend over a weekend, these small rewards give us something to look forward to after successfully making it through the week.



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