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September 15, 2017 By Colleen Regan

Avoid These 3 Time Pitfalls at Your Next Meeting

September 15, 2017

By Colleen Regan

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September 15, 2017

Avoid These 3 Time Pitfalls at Your Next Meeting

By Colleen Regan
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Time is a precious commodity for you and your team. No one wants to sit in a meeting that is dragging on for too long, or shouldn’t have been called at all. Here at, we make having a meeting super easy, but it’s still up to the host to keep things on track.

We’ve put together some tips to avoid common time suck pitfalls to make meetings better:

1. Mind the starting time.

It’s easy to forget that the participants may be joining in from different parts of the country or perhaps the world. Schedule the meeting so that the difference in time zones doesn’t mean a start time that’s very early in the morning for some or late night for others.

Begin exactly on time instead of waiting for latecomers to join in, and don’t interrupt the meeting to catch them up. This will encourage everyone to join the meeting a few minutes early next time.

Tip: You can schedule the meeting and send the invites straight from You can even select different dial-in locations based on where your participants are. Or, you can easily schedule directly from Office 365 or from Google calendar integrations.

2. Time yourself.

As you prepare the agenda, set a firm ending time and then allocate time for each item. Note this schedule breakdown on the agenda when you distribute it. Use a timer during the meeting and once the time is up, move on to the next item.

Tip: Share your screen with the agenda during the meeting as a reminder that you’re sticking with a schedule. You could even use the annotation feature to cross items off or note where you need to have a follow up after the meeting.

3. “Park” side conversations.

It’s not uncommon for side issues to come up during discussions or questions. To keep the meting from going off-track, “park” the nonessential and off-agenda topics, but promise to follow up. And then make sure you do!

Tip: Record your meetings so you can go back and replay parts of the call if there are any questions about where a topic was left. The recording allows you to be consistent with what you said during the meeting and the follow-up afterwards.