Our Authors

Anne Piccolo

Customer Success Manager

Anne has been with since 2015 and loves helping customers incorporate into their busy lives. Outside of the office you’ll find her hiking, designing…

Amy Wendel

Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility


Chris Conforti

Customer Success Manager

Chris has been working for for about a year and spends his days making sure our customers have everything they need to use to make their businesses more…

Chris Battles

Former General Manager, Communications & Collaboration

Dan Holley

Senior Product Manager

Dan’s been a believer for years. In fact, the reason he wanted to come work here is because he was a user at a previous job, and saw first hand how it…

Harvey Grasty

Senior Director, Business Development

Harvey leads the partnership strategy for and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Though he’s a native of the “Tar Heel” state, he’s embraced…

Jessica Felts

Product Marketing Manager

Jessica has made a career of loving on sales teams. She recently joined the team as a Product Marketing Manager in charge of helping the marketing and sales…

Jake Johnson

Product Manager for

Jake earned his MBA from Northeastern in 2015, he was an MBA intern while pursuing his degree and is now a Project Manager. His focus is on sales enablement, competitive…

Jen Mathews

Senior Public Relations Manager

Jen joined the company in 2015 and currently manages PR for our Collaboration and Communications line of business. When she’s not crafting press releases, blog posts, or…

Josh Miller

Director of Audio Services

Josh is responsible for all things audio. And with 20+ years in the telcom industry he’s the man for the job! When he’s not working to make the audio…

John Boitnott


John Boitnott writes for Inc., Entrepreneur and BusinessInsider. He is a journalist and digital strategist who has worked at TV, print, radio and Internet companies for…

Jim Somers

Vice President of Marketing, Collaboration at LogMeIn

Jim brings more than 15 years of experience in SaaS technology, marketing automation, mobile apps and cloud collaboration to his position as VP of Marketing at LogMeIn….

Marcela Albertini

Customer Success Manager

Marcela is a real people person, which is great because her job requires talking to a lot of people. In fact Marcela says what she enjoys most about her job as a…

Matt Corapi

Customer Success Manager

Matt has worked with for about a year and a half consisting of about a year first on the user support team and now as a Customer Success Manager. Matt says he…

Raph DaCosta

Social Media Specialist

Raph recently joined the team as our social media specialist. In her role she’s in charge of…yup, you guessed it, all things social media! If you’re chatting with…

Steve Schult

Senior Director of Products

Steve started on the team in January 2013 and is currently the Senior Director of Products. If you enjoy video, recording, and Enterprise you can thank…