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September 24, 2015 By Alix Hagan

Advantages of Video Conferencing

September 24, 2015

By Alix Hagan

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September 24, 2015

Advantages of Video Conferencing

By Alix Hagan
Director of Product Marketing,

That being said, it makes sense that video is also changing the way we work. Video conferencing is a way to have face-to-face meetings without really having to be face-to-face, which is important in a workplace that is increasingly mobile and remote.

Here are a couple tips and advantages to get the most out of video conferencing.

1. Create a killer team: Sometimes the best person for the job isn’t living next door, or even in the same country. Being able to connect through video, phone, chat or email lets you maximize your team, without geography being an issue. Whether your co-workers are in Timbuktu, or just too lazy to leave their desk, your team can work together, anytime and anywhere.

2. Stop people from zoning out: If you’re hosting a video meeting, everyone has to be engaged. We’ve seen it before, if you can’t see someone in a remote meeting they could be shopping, eating or even in the bathroom! Oh, the power of the mute button… However, if you have everyone’s face on the screen, you can rest assured that they are (hopefully) listening to you. This alone is a large advantage when hosting a video conference as you have everyone’s direct attention.

3. Save some moulah: If you’re still flying in customers or team members for meetings or events, stop living in the Stone Age! Instead of flying in several team members, booking hotels, and picking up the tab for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners (ie $,$,$), save money by making it a video meeting. That way everyone can get on the same page without having to foot the bill for late night margaritas.

4. Meet like a boss: Instead of people walking through a presentation that was emailed as a separate document or calling in and not knowing what you’re talking about- share your screen, have people participate on audio, chat and video. The best way to get stuff done is to make sure you have the right tools at the tip of your finger.

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