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July 13, 2017 By Colleen Regan

5 Teamwork Tips for Introverts

July 13, 2017

By Colleen Regan

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July 13, 2017

5 Teamwork Tips for Introverts

By Colleen Regan
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Teamwork is a regular part of the workplace, whether it’s weekly in-person meetings or an online conference call between remote employees. However, just because teamwork is an unavoidable part of working, doesn’t mean everyone likes it.  Yes, we’re talking to you, introverts.

It’s not surprising that introverts aren’t crazy about collaboration. They often prefer quiet spaces and opportunities to work alone. In fact we found that 32 percent of team members would rather work on their own than in a group. That means traditional meeting structures could have you missing out on almost a third of your team’s potential!

Introverts can bring unique personality strengths to the table—if they can get a word in edgewise, so we’ve got some simple teamwork tips for introverts to make collaboration fun for the whole team.

1. Limit meetings

Your introverted team members probably look at meetings as a necessary evil. Being surrounded by other people and speaking in front of a group can take a lot of energy for an introvert. Keeping meetings to a minimum gives introverts the break they need to recharge.

Also try to keep meetings as short as possible, and try not to schedule them back-to-back. Introverts will appreciate having more time and energy and will bring higher-quality work to your project as a result.

2. Plan ahead

Introverts need time to think before they speak. If they arrive to a meeting that goes off-topic (or didn’t have an agenda to begin with), they may not feel comfortable adding to the conversation.

Plan ahead with a set meeting agenda, and let team members know if there’s anything specific they’ll be asked to share with the group. Not only will this make introverts feel at ease with their part in the discussion, your whole meeting will run more smoothly.

3. Schedule one-on-one meetings

Large groups can be overwhelming for introverts, but they often shine when they’re given the opportunity for one-on-one conversation. Working with just one or two other people allows introverts to build a stronger connection with their teammates and more easily share their ideas.

Break up big group meetings with smaller teamwork sessions with just a few select key players. Not only will this encourage team spirit in introverts, it frees up more time for the rest of the group to work on their solo tasks.

4. Allow for flexible working

Remote working is becoming more and more mainstream, which is a great thing for people who like their alone time. Introverts working at companies who embrace flexible working can choose to get their work done from their kitchen table or a quiet coffee shop every now and again to help with their focus.

By using remote working tools like,, teams can still meet, but in a way that might be better suited for an introvert.  Being able to work in an environment that is familiar and comfortable can also often facilitate greater productivity from an employee. Win-win.

5. Host meetings in a “round robin” format

You love the excitement your team brings to their project, but all that energy can lead to chaotic meetings. Most introverts aren’t comfortable speaking over others to be heard. Who knows how many creative ideas you’re missing out on when introverts stay silent?

A round robin format allows for a more organized, calm conversation in which everyone gets a chance to share their thoughts. Arranging for each team member to have a turn speaking not only makes meetings easier for introverts, it can help online meetings or conference calls from becoming confusing.