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October 23, 2018 By Casmin Wisner

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy

October 23, 2018

By Casmin Wisner

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October 23, 2018

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy

By Casmin Wisner
Public Relations Specialist

Chances are, your MVC (most valuable customer) is one you’ve already won over. Existing customers are often your biggest cheerleaders and tend to boost your company’s bottom line. It makes sense then that you’d want to keep your best customers as happy as possible — elated even — so they keep shaking their pom-poms and cheering for you.

Here are five easy ways to focus on customer retention and keep your clients smiling.

1. Harness the Power of CRM

Known as customer relationship management, CRM is a software technology that allows you to manage your company’s interactions with customers. You can monitor your customer retention rates, as well as their behaviors, and this information helps you continue honing your services so that your offerings resonate with customers.

Use CRM to determine a variety of key customer retention factors. These include how many of your customers are returning, versus new. Also learn what demographics you’re serving and how frequently they purchase from you. In addition, you can determine the marketing channels that attracted the various customers.

A CRM system also allows you to track customer buying habits for an extended period of time. For instance, how long did it take customers to try a new product? Was it after a marketing campaign, for instance?

2. Focus on Customer Service

Good customer service makes customers feel good. Generally, the better the customer service, the better the customer feels. Taking great care of your customers starts with having meaningful interactions with them. This can be a conversation, as well as offering perks like product specials and added value information.

Ensure that you and your employees listen carefully to customers about their wants and needs. When you discover what they’re looking for, do your best to quickly respond to requests. Attention to specific requests is sure to enhance customer retention.

3. Give Customers a Personalized Experience

Customers are human and want to be heard. Taking the time to learn about their experiences with your company gives you vital information. Use this information to create an ultra-satisfying experience with your business that they’re sure to share with friends and family.

A great way to find out about a customer’s experience is to set up a quick online meeting through join.me. Take an opportunity like this to speak with your best customers face-to-face to discover what’s working for them and in what ways your company can improve your services.

4. Customize Services and Products

Customers return to your business because they find value in your products and services. If you want to keep clients happy and to cut through all the competing noise, it’s important that you constantly evaluate your offerings.

Regularly review your services and products to ensure that they’re high-caliber and cutting-edge. To further ensure customer retention, also make sure that you’re living up to your marketing promises.

5. Pay Attention to Trends and Pivot When Necessary

Run a company for more than five minutes and you’ll soon see that the only constant is change. Consumer trends, technology and even customer taste changes often. By staying ahead of the curve, you show your customers that their satisfaction matters to you.

Further ensure customer retention by informing clients of any changes your company is making and how those changes will potentially benefit them. Keeping these things in mind will ensure your customers stay happy and continue cheering for you.

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