Infographic: Top 7 Video Conferencing Taboos

­ Video is revolutionizing the way we meet, share ideas, and get work done. However, with more than 3/4 of working professionals participating in video conferences, there are bound to be some mishaps (we’re… Vision Series: Designing for the Apple Watch

Today we’re introducing the first of our Vision Series, a series of video interviews that take deeper look into recent product innovations. Over the next few weeks, we’ll sit down with those who… Gets a Mobile Makeover!’s mission is to simplify how people connect and work together. And today, more people are connecting and collaborating in a mobile world. So it is important to us that we craft the same… Ranked Number One in Speed, Ease of Use, Reliability

We are excited to share that new Satmetrix data has ranked as the overwhelming favorite among web conferencing solutions for businesses, above GoToMeeting, Lync and WebEx. Not surprisingly, the research concluded that the easiest…